Zombie Massacre GamePlay:

In Zombie Massacre at https://friv.land/, you are a global crisis of zombies. They are invading all over the world, even the wild west – your hometown. Hold your gun tightly and get ready to defeat every single zombie coming to you and trying to attack innocent people. Protecting yourself and other survivors is your main mission in each level of this game. Your very first weapon is a bat. With that bat, you need to wait for the zombies to come close to you to attack them.

When you kill zombies, they will drop a box and that box contains a new weapon. Pick it up and use it to kill zombies. You can get a shotgun, a mine, an axe, and so on. Some are melee weapons and some are ranged weapons. With whatever you get in your hands, use it to defeat zombies and protect the ones who you have to protect. If you run out of HP or the survivor runs out of HP, you lose and you have to restart that level. '

Besides weapons, you also can pick up medical kits dropped from a killed zombie in this friv land game to recover your HP. With each kill, you get some coins and you can use coins to buy new weapons that appear inside the boxes or purchases helper. Do you know that all the weapons that you can pick up have limited use time?

Yes, they are not your permanent weapons. They will disappear after a few seconds or when those guns run out of armor. However, if you know how to make use of them, you can use them to kill a lot of zombies. Have fun and enjoy more enjoyable games on our site such as Cat Chef vs Fruits 2-Player and Stickman Climber. Also, get ready to welcome new additions each day.


Space to attack and arrow keys to move.