Zombie Mission X GamePlay:

Zombie Mission X is a special platform game for 2 players but you can play it by yourself as well. You may find several choices that have the same gameplay at https://friv.land/ but believe me, this one is totally different. You will embark on a winter adventure with Emily or Emily and Silver that depends on what mode you choose to play.

The goal of this adventure is to collect all cookies and candies and save their friends. There are no adventures without challenges and dangers, isn’t it? Here, you also face a lot of obstacles and zombies. You have to avoid those obstacles and shoot down zombies before they hurt you to keep your life safe.

You have weapons and special attacks to kill enemies and special abilities to pass the obstacles. Every single character in this Friv Land game has their own skills. Make sure you take advantage of it to reach your goal easier. A level is complete once you collect all items and reach the final destination. Sometimes, you don’t know where the final destination is. It will be revealed once you collect all cookies and candies, or save their friends. Y

ou can challenge yourself with 3 levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Don’t forget to buy new weapons and upgrades in the store whenever you have enough money. Enjoy it and check out the following options: Super Pig on Xmas and Go Baby shark Go.

Instructions: Player 1 uses WASD to move, C to hit/shoot, V to throw grenades, Q/E to switch weapons, Q + E to use special attacks, and A + W + D to make a wall jump. Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K to throw grenades, O/P to switch weapons, O + P to use special attacks, and up + left + right arrow keys to make a wall jump.

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