Zombify Me GamePlay:

Its name sounds like a shooting or a survival game in which you have to live as long as you can. It’s not true. Zombify Me is a fun and addicting endless runner game requires you to run as far as possible to set a record. There are 8 different characters in the game at friv games unblocked You start with a girl. Then, you collect coin along the way to unlock new characters. Each character doesn’t have any special abilities.

However, if you want to refresh the gaming experience, you should unlock all characters and go adventure with a new one each time playing. The last character has the highest price. So you must play several times to save money to unlock all the characters. The game rule is simple. Your character autoruns. You just need to guild him or her overcome all obstacles along the way by sliding, jumping and dodging the barriers.

You must be good at reaction because if you don’t take action at the right time, you lose right away. It’s all about timing. Besides, you also get some help in your running journey on friv.com games The game also offers some power-ups to help players boost the speed, collect many coins at the same time and so on. The usage of these items just temporary. So try to take full advantage of them to earn more points and collect more coins. You not only face obstacles but also zombies. They appear suddenly or wait for you somewhere. So stay alert to get the best result. Apart from this game, you also find many options on our site such as Dirt Bike Rider and Extreme Moto Run

Controls: Use WASD to play.

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