Lay The Egg GamePlay:

Lay The Egg is an interesting puzzle game that you may find its gameplay appear in many games at https://friv.land/. As the game suggests, your main mission and goal are to help a mama chicken lay the egg to the nest. The mama chicken moves all the time. So it’s really hard to lay the egg to the nest below. You have to time your action. Click or tap to lay the golden egg safely into the nest.

Sometimes, you can’t directly bring the egg to the nest. Instead, you have to make use of the obstacles to make the egg bounce to the nest. Besides, you also need to use some tools that the game offers as well. There are 2 requirements that you need to meet in order to finish a level. Firstly, the egg must be laid in the nest. Secondly, you have to collect at least 1 star. Use precise timing to drop the egg and make it go through 3 stars.

This Frivcom game features 3 different worlds including The Barn, The Stageshow, and The Lab, and each world consists of 10 stages. You have to finish the first level in each stage to unlock the next one and conquer 10 stages to unlock the next world. Because it’s a puzzle game, you have to find the right solution at each level to reach your goal. You have to avoid spikes and fight against the power of the magnetic pull.

Find out the best way to handle those challenges. Enjoy your time here and many fun games on our site. Some must-tried options for you are Jeka Dash and Color Cross 2.

How to play: Mouse to lay the egg.

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