625 Sandwich Stacker GamePlay:

Have you ever tried to make a sandwich by yourself? It’s simple food but truly tasty, isn’t it? It’s super easy to make if you have enough ingredients. You just need to place lettuce, tomatoes, ham, sliced cheese, and so on between two slices of bread. It’s the easiest way to make sandwich. Now, 625 Sandwich Stacker will show you another way to make sandwich. Here in this Frivland online game, you along with Stick will stack up different ingredients such as bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, steak, sliced cheese, sauce, and so on, then put on top of the stack a slice of bread coming out from the toaster.

You can move to Stick around to catch tasty items. Make sure you avoid the yucky items which are ruined meat, vegetables, and so on. If you get 3 of them, the game ends and you have to start the game from level 1. A level requires you to make a sandwich. The taller sandwich, the more points you get. The toaster will randomly pop pieces of bread. If you have done with your sandwich, catch the bread. If not, you can let it fall and keep building your sandwich for more points. But be careful because if the sandwich is too tall, the game ends.

Unlike other games that have the same gameplay in which when you miss some needed items, you lose some points, here, your points are secured even when you let the good items drop. The same items can be stacked on top of each other. A level is clear when you put a slide of bread on top of everything. Let’s see how skillful you are. After you fill your empty stomach with tasty sandwiches, it’s time to discover other games at action games. Here are our suggestions for you Mini-Zoos-Online and Unicycle Mayhem.

How to play: Left/right arrow keys.

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