NERF Epic Pranks GamePlay:

Sometimes joking with each other will make life more interesting and fun. Let’s how people in NERF Epic Pranks will react with your prank? They get mad or just laugh out loud? Who knows? Here at kids friv, you play as a prankster who will use a NERF gun and shoot at each character in each level those who turn their backs on you without being caught. This game requires reflexes and you must be good at the timing as well.

To make a successful prank, you have to take action quickly. When the characters turn their back to you, you show up and shoot at them until they turn around. At that moment, you stop and hide right before they catch you and teach you a lesson. Your patience and timing will be tested at each level.

You don’t have to reload your gun, you have unlimited ammo, you are not under the pressure of time and you don’t have to aim as well because it’s the auto-aim, so basically, you just need to worry about being caught on https://friv.land/. You have to deal with 2 targets: one with no weapons and one with a NERF blaster. You will notice that there is a number on each target.

It signifies the number of hits that you have to make to eliminate them. Whoever you deal with, you have to take action quickly and stay away from their vision. Otherwise, you lose. They will turn their head back and scan to find who dare to attack them. Hide immediately until the caution is gone. Are you a great prankster? Find your answer and have fun in other games such as Dragon Slayer FPS and Dracula, Frankenstein & Co.

How to play: Click and hold your left mouse to shoot.

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