Tower Takedown GamePlay:

In Friv world, the old pixel tower needs to be taken down immediately. We need a person with the appropriate skills in order to crush down all the levels as fast as possible. It will be extremely dangerous for the citizens if the tower falls down unexpectedly, so time is of the essence in Tower Takedown online game.

You will play the role of the powerful panda and knock down the tower. Your main tasks are to crush the levels, either on the left or right side. However, the game is not that easy. As you break down the tower, there are some golden coins and some barriers on the levels. It's crucial that you try to collect as many gold coins as possible so that you can unlock the new pandas later in this game. Moreover, avoid being crushed behind the barriers because if you do, the game is over. The game comes with the pixelated graphics, cool designs with a cute main character.

Users will be able to experience a smooth transition between the stages as well. This is the perfect game to free your mind after a hard day at work, therefore, it has received the love from players of all ages. Don't miss out on the chance to smash some pixel blocks in http://friv.land. Numerous options with the same theme such as Falling Ballz and Kick Up are available for you for free!

How to play:

Click the mouse on the right side to smash the blocks.

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