Adam and Eve Snow GamePlay:

Adam and Eve Snow is the latest installment of the popular Adam and Eve series that many players love. If you have played any of them at friv Games to play, it’s time to start a new adventure with Adam. This adventure begins as Eve requests Adam to find for her a Christmas tree. Christmas won’t be complete without a Christmas tree and everyone knows that. Christmas is coming and Adam and Eve lack it. Come with Adam and bring back a nice Christmas tree for Eve. Let’s get started.

Like other point-and-click puzzle games and other installments of this series, you will solve a series of the puzzle to achieve the final goal. The game doesn’t offer any clues or give you an instruction or help you when you get stuck. All you can rely on is yourself. However, feel free to try whatever you think that it will lead you to success. Just look around and click on every single object to find out how it works and you will complete your mission.

On https://friv.land/, don’t afraid to try and fail. The objects that help you solve the puzzle link to each other. If you find the first one, you can get the second one and finally figure out the solution. This game is not too hard but it’s definitely not easy. Your brain must work hard and your eyes must open wide to play this game. Whether Adam can bring home a Christmas tree or not, it depends on you. Don’t let Eve down.

Have fun and you know that there are so many games available on our site, right? Visit and play whatever you want for free. Some of the best choices for you are Space Rush and Adam And Eve Night.

How to play:

Solve the puzzle by clicking.

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