Super Ninja Adventure GamePlay:

Super Ninja Adventure is a fun platform game in which you play as a ninja. Another ninja game, do you love the games about this character? Many games related to ninja are available at friv online games and this the latest one. Hope you enjoy it because it’s fun and enjoyable. This game also has simple controls so everyone can pick up and play, even kids. Your mission in each level is to collect 3 stars and go to the exit to move to the next level.

Like other games that you have played, the difficulty level of the game increases significantly as you level up. Make sure you are always ready for the challenges that await you ahead. But don’t worry. You can conquer any challenges if you take action carefully. Besides, the game doesn’t require you to complete a level in a limited time, so take your time and enjoy the game at your pace.

On Adventure Games, because it’s a platform game, you jump from this platform to that platform while collecting shurikens, coins, and avoiding traps. The special skill of ninja is the ability to walk in the walls. Make use of it and no obstacles can stop you. This is just a simple game with simple gameplay but brings you great gaming experience. So there is no reason to ignore this game, especially if you love platform games. Besides the adventure of a super ninja, you can join other games as fun as this one such as Adventure EscapeMineblock Adventure and Kumu's Adventure.


Use your mouse to control your ninja.

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