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Spider-Man is well-known for his ability to climb, but in the game Amazing Jumper, he, like you, will have to outperform himself. The hero could very well appear in front of you as a ball depicted in the colors of the superhero costume. The objective is to advance along the road, which is littered with obstacles, each of which is quite terrifying than the last. Sharp spikes of varying heights, circles with spikes inside - this is only the beginning of the test; it will get even cooler from here.

To jump, simply click on the hero, and he will do so. Because the obstacles will be long, you will frequently have to use double jumps. A quick reaction will not harm you because there will be no time to think in Amazing Jumper at Friv game; you must react and react quickly. Avoid the perilous obstacles or your Hero will perish and the game will end!

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