Amazing Run 3D GamePlay:

How about going out and playing something fun? Amazing Run 3D is a simple but engaging game that brings you great active time. Here at Friv Land, you have a special ability. You can control the time. When this ability is activated, everything will move slowly. Everything here means obstacles. They move slowly enough for you to go through safely.

However, you have to find out the best way to make use of it. Manage to use this ability well to protect your life. You have only one life in each round and if you are knocked out by one of those obstacles, you have to start from the starting line of that level. There is no power-up or coins to collect. It means to win or lose, it all depends on your effort. You can play a level several times until you clear it. The game is simple in gameplay and all other aspects.

On https://friv.land/, it’s all about realistic physics. Your character auto moves forward and you have to wait for the right moment to activate your ability. By doing that, you can pass each obstacle without being hurt. As you advance, you will deal with different obstacles and each one behaves differently which requires you to figure out the best way to solve it. It’s simple but not easy and it’s sure to give you a great gaming time.

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Controls: Click or tap and hold to use your ability.

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