Forest Survival Simulator GamePlay:

Forest Survival Simulator is a cool combination of shooting game and survival game in which your main goal is to keep your life safe. You are brought to a forest where you can’t find anyone else here. At friv for kids Games, there are only you and trees and some wild animals trying to tear you into parts. You get to collect material in the surrounding environment such as wood or stone to craft some useful tools to help you protect yourself and do other tasks easier.

Then, a solid house is a top priority. It not only helps you stay away from the rain and the sun but also protect you from the wild animals in the forest. There are some unfriendly living creatures roaming around your house, so it’s better to stay inside the house at night. Nature is very magical. It offers you food and materials in order to survive another day.

On http://friv.land/, you must keep crafting useful items and hunt wild animals for food and leather or even bones to create new objects. Besides, you also can create a vehicle which helps you travel to the far areas. Discovering is also one feature of this game. It allows you to embark on an exciting adventure through the jungle.

Don’t forget to bring weapons when adventuring because you may get attacked along the way. It’s a true challenge because you don’t have any help here. Just base on yourself to survive. Let’s see how your life will be. Enjoy every moment here and discover more other games such as Hyena Simulator 3D and Island Survival Simulator.

How to play: WASD to move, mouse to aim/shoot/build, Shift to run, Spacebar to jump, E to grab/open and TAB to enter the inventory.

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