Tile Mahjong GamePlay:

Puzzle games vary in theme and gameplay. This makes puzzle games account for a large part of the gaming market. At Friv Land, you will the majority of the game here is puzzle game. This genre is plentiful and each option is sure to give you a different experience. Tile Mahjong is not the exception. It is one of the best mahjong games that you must play. You find it has similar gameplay to other choices of the same genre but also find something unique while playing it.

There are 36 levels in total and each level requires you to remove all the tiles of fruits from the gameboard with a given time. The tiles are placed in a layer. You only can connect the same tiles that are highlighted. With the unhighlighted tiles, just leave them alone until you remove other tiles and make those tiles be highlighted. On https://friv.land/, you just need to follow the rule that only opened tiles can be connected. Besides, there is no other rule. This game is easy to play and easy to master. Kids can play as well.

Eye–hand coordination must be good enough to quickly find the same pairs of tiles and remove them one by one. Only by eliminating all tiles on the current level, you can move to the next stage. You can shuttle the gameboard once there are no 2 tiles of the same type. Click on the shuttle button on the left bottom of the screen and all tiles on the gameboard are shuttled. That’s it. Is it clear for you?

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Controls: Use your mouse to connect the same tiles.

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