Aquar .io GamePlay:

The adventures under the ocean are all attractive to all players. Do you want to experience such wonderful things? Let's explore how to relax. If you have time, don't miss this game. Aquar .io at Games of friv is an amazing online multiplayer IO game. Start by controlling a fish and moving around eating all sorts and finding other fish to join your army. Once you control all of the units, you will be strong enough to hunt other players.

Be careful with dangerous jellyfish floating in the field and avoid crossing larger groups or eventually you can lose units or, in the worst case, your life. Become the leader of the aquarium and have fun with Aquar IO! You will gather a lot of other fish that make a great leader. Do you want to accept those challenges now? Enjoy the fun! Under the ocean, there are many interesting things.

All creatures are attractive and lovely. Do you want to enjoy it? You will become a good leader if you build a large group of fish. They will grow and can master the ocean. With a vivid graphic design, the vast ocean is amazing. Pay attention to stay away from dangerous creatures to live a long life and bring more strength to the fishing village. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love this game, you can play some other games like Smismi io and Paperio 3 at http://friv.land. Spend time playing games and you will have many relaxing moments in life.

How to play: Use the mouse to play

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