EvoWars.io GamePlay:

A new fun IO game has been added to free friv online games called EvoWars. It’s the battle of evolution. Thrilling, epic and fun, this multiplay online IO game will make you immersed for hours. Easy to die and hard to win, you must be skillful and fast enough to kill other players and save your life. The first thing you have to do after entering the arena is to collect orbs to gain experience and points. Big orbs give more experience than the small ones. It makes you evolve in size and turn into the new characters.

Another way to evolve faster is to kill other players. No matter what your size is, you can combat against other players. Even you are smallest, you are able to kill the biggest one if you are skillful and lucky enough. However, the bigger you are, the slower you are but your weapon range improves. On the other hand, the smaller you are, the faster you are.

On http://friv.land/, there are over 25 evolutions, from the caveman, Viking, warrior, to demon, butcher, cyclop and more. One of the most important tip to defeat your opponents successfully is to be sure to have the opponent on your right side where you hold your weapon and attack them from their behind. One hit one kill, so try to be fast and accurate. Remember that you can boost your speed but your evolution points will be deducted. Be the mightiest hero and conquer the battlefield as well as the leaderboard. Two of the best games for you play are AstroRace.io and Krunker.io.

How to play: Use curse to move. Left mouse button to attack. Right mouse button to speed up.

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