Bricks Master GamePlay:

How many brick breaker games have you ever played? The answer may be many, right? However, as you realize, most of those games have similar gameplay. So why don’t you approach a new way to break all bricks with Bricks Master – a new game added to friv for free? This game is so much fun and it’s challenging as you have to use the right controls to break each layer of brick instead of shooting a ball from the bottom to break the bricks. Does it sound simple to you?

Good hand-eye coordination and fast reaction are required to conquer this game. In each level, you will see a pile of bricks placed right in the center of the screen and you will see a specific symbol in each brick. You should know the meaning of these symbols to process. The dot symbol means you have to press the down arrow key to break it. The right and the left symbols equivalent to the right and left arrow keys to breaking it.

On https://friv.land/, press right and blow up each brick to move to the next level. However, you should notice that there are red bricks and blue bricks. The blue ones are safe for the ball to land on but the red ones are dangerous. The ball hits the red brick and you die. When you see any red bricks, you have to quickly call out the symbol on that brick to destroy it before the ball moves on.

Make sure to do it as quickly as possible. Enjoy the excitement that the game offers and don’t forget to explore new options on our site such as Slap Kings and Elated Snail Escape

How to play:

Use down, right, and left arrow keys to play.

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