Baby Bella Caring GamePlay:

Bella’s parents are busy right now and need your help to care for her. Unfortunately, Bella gets sick. She has a fever. Here in Baby Bella Caring, you will become a babysitter and your job is to take care of baby Bella. Yes, she doesn’t feel good. Let’s check if she has a fever. If she has a fever, give her medicine and put her to sleep. Good sleep will restore her health. Put Bella on the bed and cover her with a soft blanket. When she wakes up, let’s turn on the light and get ready to bathe. Bella is way better after taking a shower.

Wash her hair and help her clean up, then dry her. After that, pick an adorable outfit for Bella before having lunch. Bella is so kind, right? She doesn’t cry and her behavior is nice. When she’s hungry, give her food. She isn’t a picky eater, so choose whatever you want to feed her from the food that her mother has prepared. Make sure she has a balanced meal with vegetables, and protein. Give her fruit and milk as well. Do you think babysitting is easy? No, right? Here at Baby Bella Caring, you can find a lot of games about taking care of a baby and this one is the latest option.

Everyone can enjoy it, even kids. Through playing the game, kids will learn about taking care of a baby and have a useful gaming time. With 4 different activities, this game will keep you hooked. Have fun with it and don’t forget to check out other amazing games such as Oscars Carpet Fashion and Ava Footwear Designer.

How to play: Mouse.

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