Backyard Hoops GamePlay:

Backyard Hoops is one of the best basketball games that you can play for free at friv games online. Here, you will play basketball with Tom and Jerry. They are enjoying a peaceful day together. Instead of chasing or teasing each other, they are playing basketball in the backyard. In fact, Tom is playing while Jerry is watching. You are here to join them. Actually, your main mission is to help Tom get as many scores as possible. Tom stands still and tries throwing the ball into the hoop. Tom has three chances. It means if Tom misses 3 balls, the game should be restarted. However, if you make shots with the special ball that has red, blue, and white colors, you can restore lost balls. It seems that Tom and Jerry become friends after all. However, the peace didn’t last long because Jerry keeps interrupting Tom.

Jerry is laying on the hoop but sometimes, you will see Jerry go down to stop Tom. When Jerry is standing on the hoop, Tom will find it hard to score. Making several successful shots in a row without touching the rim will activate the fireball. With the fireball, you will get extra points. Over time, the hoop will move to the left or right while Tom still stands still. You will find it easier to miss a ball. Something more interesting is waiting for you as you advance further.

Like other games out there, the more time you spend playing, the better you will be. So, prove that you are a hoops master who never misses a ball. Enjoy your free time with Jerry and Tome. After that, you can explore more Frivland sports games on our site with some options such as Basketball Stars and Santa Basket.


Use Mouse click to play.