Castle Wars: Modern GamePlay:

Castle Wars: Modern is an enjoyable action-packed battle 2 player game, published by Friv free online games that you can play with your friend on the same device. Each of you controls a warrior to battle against each other on the moon, in modern cities, and on Xon planet. This game offers 3 game modes including Battle, Mayhem, and Robot Zombies. You will get a different experience from each game mode.

In the Battle mode, you guys will battle against time or score. It means within a given time, the one who has higher scores is the winner or the one who reaches the target score first within 3 minutes is the winner. In the Mayhem mode, you guys will be taken to a lava battlefield. There, your ultimate goal is to reach the target score first. That target score can be set before starting the battle. Your life will be threatened by your rival and hot lava. Be careful when you jump around. Besides, this game mode also features 2 portals, so that you guys can teleport at ease.

What about the Robot Zombies? Here, you have to defeat your rival as well as kill zombies entering the battlefield from 2 green portals. Whatever mode you choose to play, your main objective is the same. Besides, you can pick up weapons and power-ups sometimes dropped. Make use of them to get advantages to defeat your rival easier.

What more are you looking for in this Frivland action game? If not, start battling, and after that, give the following options a try Castle Light and Wasteland Warriors Capture The Flag. Make sure you visit friv 10 regularly to be one of the first to play the latest titles.

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Player 1 uses WASD to move, E to attack, and S to block.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to attack, and down arrow keys to block.