Water Slide 3D GamePlay:

What do you want to do in the hot summer? Do you want to go to the beach? Do you want to drink cool water? What about an ice-cream? These options are the best ways to cool down your body in hot weather. However, if you don’t have time to go to the beach or try anything cooler, then, visit an amazing water park in Water Slide 3D and have fun with a water slide. It’s fun, free and fair.

At http://friv.land, you will have daily missions and main missions. Each mission requires you to fulfill a certain list of things like use 3 magnets, collect 250 coins or get 5 energy drinks and so on. It’s quite similar to an endless runner game but instead of running, you slide. Each level is a mission. You choose your favorite character and start sliding.

Control him or her sliding down a huge water slide, dodging all obstacles along the way by moving to left and right, collect useful power-ups and coin until you reach the end of the water slide on friv games free. Later, you can use the coins to unlock new characters, rafts and more.

Use power-ups to speed up, collect many coins at once and reach the new level. Try hard to complete every mission and level to become the king or queen of the water slide. Have fun! Explore other games with different gameplay such as Endless Truck and Furious Road.

How to play: Use the left and right arrow key to move.

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