Flower Slide Mahjong GamePlay:

Have you ever heard of a tile-based China's traditional game Mahjong? If you have already tried out the original version, take your playtime to another level with a special version from free Friv land: Flower Slide Mahjong. This is a matching puzzle game which was developed in China in the Qing dynasty.

However, the creators of this game simplified the gameplay and the rules to make sure that kids of all ages can enjoy it. The basic rule remains unchanged. In order to win one round, all you have to do is to move two matching mahjong tiles to eliminate them. When two identical mahjong tiles collide, both of them will disappear at the same time. The less time you use, the higher your score will be.

The game has a total of 50 levels for you to share with your friends for free. The toughest part of this game is the variety of shapes and symbols on the tiles. Not only are the tiles beautiful but they are also challenging because you have to distinguish them apart. Another tricky part is that some mahjong pieces are placed on top of the others. So you need to pay attention to clear the ones on top first, then work on the tiles below.

It's definitely a puzzle game that will put your brain to work, but it's also extremely fun and addicting. You can try out the other games and solve more puzzles at http://friv.land/ such as Fast Knife and Space Roll

How to play:

click and drag the mouse to move the tiles.

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