Square Bird GamePlay:

Another amazing hyper-casual game has been brought to you and its name is Square Bird. At friv 2020, you will have an opportunity to build a tower from square eggs and embark on an interesting adventure. If you are ready, let’s start. Your main objective in each level is to make sure the little square bird come to the start to the end without crashing into any obstacles. But how can you do it? Well, by clicking on the screen, you create a square egg underneath the bird.

It’s used to lift the bird to avoid every barrier. The barriers vary in shapes and sizes. Most of the time, you must overcome the platforms and depend on the height and the types of these platforms, you build a tower with enough square eggs to help the bird keep going safely. Besides, platforms are not the only danger here. Snake, hawk, and more obstacles will appear.

On http://friv.land/, it’s better to stay as low as you can. Every contact with these obstacles will take out some blocks underneath the bird and the most important thing is to keep the bird not touching directly these obstacles. Sometimes, you will find this bird is in the Fever mode that makes the bird shoot and destroy any obstacles. You can figure out how to activate this mode during playing.

This mode won’t last too long. So make sure you take advantage of it to improve your performance. You also can unlock new blocks and birds in the store by using your coins to get and watching videos. Good luck and enjoy your time in other games such as Highway Robbers and Ghost Wiper.

How to play: Click to create blocks.

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