Ben 10 Cannonbolt Omnitrix GamePlay:

Another game about Ben 10 is available at https://friv.land/. It’s not about helping Ben 10 save his friends or defeat his rivals. Here, you will experience something like you have in Angry Birds. Ben 10 is captured and trapped inside the Omnitrix. Your main job here is to use a slingshot to shoot at those boxes to rescue Ben 10. Are you confident to clear this mission? Adjust the angle and strength of the shot to break the boxes.

You not only rescue one Ben 10 but also several Ben 10 in a level. Sometimes, you don’t need to shoot directly at the boxes. Instead, you can shoot to destroy the structures. This makes the boxes drop and break. As a result, Ben 10 is rescued. You have a specific number of balls to use in each level and if you use all the balls but Ben 10 hasn’t been rescued, you have to restart that level.

This friv games 2023 offers 2 difficulty modes including Easy mode and Hard mode. In both modes, the challenging level increases as you progress. You may have to pass several obstacles before you can shoot at Omnitrix. Keep in mind that you have to play all the levels in numbered order.

It means that if the current stage hasn’t been finished, you can’t move to the next stage. Try your best to conquer 10 levels in each level. And different from Angry Birds, all the balls that you use to break Omnitrix are the same. And there won’t be any special balls. Rescue Ben 10 now before it’s too late and after you clear this mission, challenge yourself with new missions in Jungle Attack and Rockman Xover.

How to play: Mouse.

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