Jungle Attack GamePlay:

What kind of games are you looking for? A strategy game? An action game? Or a shooter game? If your favorite is a shooter game, then Jungle Attack is a perfect option for you. You can play it at https://friv.land/. The army of mutant fruit is approaching your land with the intention of taking it. You won’t let it happen, will you? Let’s stop them at all costs. What you use to stop them are rocks. You throw rocks at enemies.

Your main objective is to kill as many enemies to earn as many scores as possible. You have 5 lives and each time, an enemy touches you, you lose one life. You can’t earn extra lives by any means. So, try to keep yourself safe. Kill every single enemy before they come close to you. Over time, you will find it hard to win as stronger enemies will come.

You need to throw rocks at them several times to kill them. Besides, they move faster while you’re still alone. How you can stop them? Here at friv land, you move from the left to the right and the right to the left on a straight line. You can’t move up or move down. Even if the enemy doesn’t touch you but they come to that line, you still lose one life.

Try to react quickly to eliminate those who approach you before it’s too late. This game is so easy to play but insanely hard to master. However, you are sure to nail it after a few times playing. Have fun and check out other amazing games on our site such as My Pou Virtual Pet and Water Surfer Car Stunt.

How to play: Mouse.