Ant Man And The Wasp Attack GamePlay:

Yellow Jacket has implanted a deadly virus at Pym Technologies, therefore Dr. Hank Pym needs you to assist Ant-Man and the Wasp to protect the company and eliminate the soldiers of Yellow Jacket.

Are you ready to help Marvel’s new heroes to fight off countless enemies? Protecting the lab from the dangerous enemies is not an easy task, but you are the only one who can complete this mission alongside two heroes. This is an extremely fun point-and-click fighting game friv free which has been loved by players all around the world. During this journey, the Wasp will fight alongside Ant-Man, so your job is to control both characters and perform cool combinations of attacks to defeat Yellow Jacket. Switch back and forth between these two characters to take advantage of their abilities and superpowers. First, learn the movements of two heroes, ranging from simple punches, kicks, left and right hook to shrinking down and destroying your enemies from their insides.

If you manage to make use of Ant-man's power wisely and efficiently, the battle should be over soon. During the match, remember to collect the energy and increase your power for tougher matches. Are your skills good enough to survive the fights and complete the mission? Have fun with numerous battles in http://friv.land/. For more Marvel and superheroes games, don't forget about the games like King Of Chaos and Dragon Ball Battle


Control the movements of the character using the mouse and the arrow keys.

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