Strike Galaxy Attack GamePlay:

Would you like to control your own spaceship? Show us your talent by shooting down the chickens in Strike Galaxy Attack - the latest arcade game from Friv land 2018. Strike Galaxy Attack online gives you the best experience while joining the battles in space. Don't hesitate to try out friv games list for free now!

The best arcade game of the season from Friv land is here. It's Strike Galaxy Attack online game! This is a fun game in which you will get to control your own spaceship and shoot all the flying chickens in space! Your spaceship is the type which has the air force to strike all of the galaxy invaders. In this new space game, Friv land brings you an epic war against the chickens.

Cute as they seem, the chicken will explode at the slightest touch. Therefore, make sure that you avoid any collisions with them at all cost. The moment you touch any of the chickens, the game is over. They are the strongest fighters in this Friv land game. As you shoot down the chickens, there will be coins and special boosters falling from the sky.

You need to collect all these coins and use them later to buy the goods from the store. The appropriate updates will strengthen your spaceship and enhance its capacity, which allows you to shoot down more chickens at the same time. The speed and the fire are the two elements which can be upgraded using these purchased goods.

Don't hesitate to shoot down any strange objects such as asteroids since they are dangerous to your spaceship as well. Be brave to dash through the attacks in this challenging yet fun game! You can gain control of the galaxy by winning this incredibly fun game. If you enjoy the arcade games, come and play some other games like  Space Big Gun & Flip The Gun at http://friv.land/.


  • Move and shoot with your mouse.
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