Bike Race Rush GamePlay:

The endless runner is a very popular game genre and you can find a lot of options out there and at friv free. Bile Race Rush is the latest choice that can give you hours of joy. It has the same gameplay as other options but with a twist. You won't run with your feet or use a skateboard. You ride your bike. The control mechanism has not changed.

With your bike, you can slide under the barriers, jump over the obstacles and move to the left or right, all to avoid crashing into the obstacles and collect power-ups as well as coins. You have only one life but if you hit any of those obstacles by accident that lead your journey to an end, you can watch an ad video to revive. It’s worth trying, especially when you are getting a lot of points. The game also offers some items that help you enhance your performance including Shield, 2x Coin, and 2x multiplier.

On https://friv.land/, you should collect these items whenever you have a chance. Even though their effect won’t last too long, you can collect more coins or overcome the deadly moments with them. There is a way to increase the duration of these items. With the collected coins, you can upgrade those power-ups in the store. Coin magnet increases the duration of the coin magnet powerup, Shield increases the duration of shields, 2x coin doubles the coin you get and 2x multiplier doubles your score.

This is another simple-to-play and hard-to-master endless runner game that can make you give up after a few tries. The more you play, the better your achievement. Have fun and don’t forget to try out other games such as TRAFFIC RACER 2D and Connect the Roads.

How to play: Play by using your mouse.

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