Sometimes, you may want to drive around without any plan, right? TRAFFIC RACER 2D is such an interesting one that gives you a relaxing vibe. Of course, many games on abc ya com will bring to you that experience and this is one of them. On the highway, you drive, pass other cars and avoid collisions to go as far as possible. This is your long driving journey and you should keep it last until you are too tired to drive.

Avoid crashing into other cars is your main mission. Your car auto drives but changing lanes are your responsibility. Unlike other driving games that you have played, you can’t speed up or slow down, or stop your car. Therefore, you have to focus on dodging other cars on the way. At the upper right of the screen, you see a red number, if it drops to 0, your journey ends. You can increase that number by collecting the red wrenches.

On https://friv.land/, there are 3 boosters in total that you can collect to boost your performance. The first one is wrench as mentioned above. The second one is the shield that protects you from accidents. When you get a shield, you won’t get damaged when you crash into other cars. The final one is a speed-up item that boosts your speed. The effect of those items won’t last too long but you can collect many of them while driving.

Don't go the wrong way because you are easily hit by cars going in the opposite direction. Obeying traffic laws is a must. Have fun and make sure you explore more games on our site. Our suggestions for you are Connect the Roads and Super Wings.

How to play: Right and left arrow keys to play.

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