Connect the Roads GamePlay:

Puzzle games not only give you a great gaming experience but also help you train your brain or improve your memory. It has many benefits. Here at friv to play, let’s discover the latest tile-based puzzle game called Connect the Roads. What you have to do is related to building. It's easy to guess by looking at its name. So, your objective is to rearrange the tiles to build a road to help a little car get to its destination. You can move each tile up, down, to the left or right if there is nothing to block it.

Remember that the green tiles can be moved but the orange ones are immovable. You can build the road with all available tiles or just some of them as soon as the car can go from the starting point to the final point. Besides, you don’t need to collect stars to finish each level. However, to make your gaming experience more challenging and enjoyable, you should find a way to use every single road part and collect 3 stars.

On https://friv.land/, try to rebuild the road with a few moves as possible. Although the game does not limit the number of times you move the tiles, as mentioned above it’s better to set a high standard in terms of achievement. As you level up, it’s much harder to build the road as the structure of the road becomes complicated. It consists of more parts.

You will hardly be able to use all the parts to build a complete road. However, challenges mean fun, doesn’t it? Be creative and have fun! Don’t forget to explore more games such as Super Wings and Toon Horizon Car Chase.

How to play: Mouse to rearrange the tiles.

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