Boat Simulator GamePlay:

You must play a lot of driving simulator games, right? This kind of game allows you to drive freely without following any rules or something like that. This time, you will have different driving experience with Boat Simulator. Driving around the city is common and on the surface of the ocean is totally different and unique. Are you ready for a brand-new adventure? Here at Friv3 2018, the game brings you to the ocean, where you can satisfy your need of speed with an amazing boat.

There are two different environments waiting for you to explore. Choose the one you want to play first but you can’t wait to enjoy your time in both of environment for sure because they are the huge open environment without horizon. Not the only boat, but you also can choose other vehicles such as submarines, ships, and more on http://friv.land/. This must be the most realistic boat simulator experience that you have ever tried before. If you want to enjoy the landscape and satisfy your need of speed, then you must try this game. Drive at the high speed and there is no one arrest you.

Don’t have to follow any rules, be yourself. However, you also need to watch out. Avoid the submarine or island rocks, if you crash into these things, the game is over. But don’t worry the game doesn’t apply score system or achievement, so you can play at any time, as many times as you want. Just have fun and enjoy the scene around you. If you want to find some games give you this kind of freedom, let’s check out Bicycle Simulator and Extreme Car Driving.

How to play:

  • Right mouse button to move the camera.
  • C to change camera.
  • V to change vessel.
  • WASD/Arrow keys to move.
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