Boing Bang GamePlay:

Are you looking for a challenging and addicting shooter game? Boing Bang can be a perfect option for you. What you do here is not to hunt wild animals or shoot down enemies. Instead, you have to shoot at the bouncing balls to destroy them. At first, there is only one ball keeping bouncing. It seems that you can destroy it after a few shots but in fact, it will break into two smaller balls and these two smaller balls will be split into 4 smaller balls. You have to destroy them all. And if you like fighting shooting games, then Blocky Siege game is the choice for you.

The more balls appear, the more challenging to clear the mission. You can’t keep your life safe if there are so many balls bouncing at the same time. You should shoot at the smallest balls first. Do not make them split. Destroy them one by one and make sure you time your movement to avoid being hit.

Like other level-based games as Hit Master at friv online, you will find it harder to clear the mission over time. However, don’t worry because sometimes, some power-ups will be offered. Collect them before they disappear and they will bring you a lot of advantages such as protecting you from being crushed, giving you an extra life, or upgrading your weapon.

Of course, their effect just lasts for a short time. So, make use of them. In later levels, you will face new types of bouncing balls. It can be harder to destroy them than the ball that you deal with in the first level. Each time you are hit, you lose 1 life from 3 available lives. You have to restart the current level if you run out of lives. That’s all about this game. Enjoy it and other Frivland action games such as Unicycle Mayhem and Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 4.

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WASD to move, and Space to shoot.