Are you a professional boxer? Do you want to challenge all the other boxers in the world? Join BRAWLSIO at friv best game and show off your talent! Enjoy BRAWLSIO!    


BRAWLSIO is an interesting battle of street fighters around the world at friv online game. This game is quite violent, I think that it's not suitable for kids. Therefore, parents should consider before allowing the child to play this action game.


Before starting this battle, you can choose your favorite character and look for opponents around the street. Do not forget that they are all professional boxers and have special abilities in the match. Here you will not have any kind of weapon, all you have is hands and fighting skills. Use all your fighting skills to defeat your opponent and knock them down to the ground.


Note that at friv at school, you can have many opponents in a match, so try your best to fight and become the last person standing on the field. Are you ready to conquer more games? Fight with Snok.io and War Scrap.IOSlither.io



You can use WASD to move

The mouse to aim / attack / block

Space to jump, Shift to sprint

C to crouch

T / G to take / drop weapon

E + Mouse to kick.

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