Wizard Vs Orcs GamePlay:

A horde of orcs is on their way to your kingdom. Their obvious purpose is to invade your territory. Let’s send your most powerful wizard and stop them at all costs. One wizard is enough to defeat them all…. In Wizard Vs Orcs at free online friv Games, you play as a wizard and you deal with a huge army of orcs. Your main objective is to defeat them with a few spells as possible. Can you do that?

There are more than 30 levels and in each level, you have to kill a certain number of enemies. You also have a limited number of speeds. Try your best to cast only one spell but hit several orcs. Your spell will bounce off the solid platforms, so you should make use of this characteristic to one-shot several kills. All levels are unlocked, so feel free to choose the level you want to play. However, you should start at level 1 because the latter levels are more difficult than the previous one.

On https://friv.land/, this like a shooting game that requires you to aim and shoot accurately. As the game processes, you will find it hard to shoot at your enemies directly because your enemies will stand in some tricky positions that you can’t make it. You have to take advantage of the walls and platforms to kill them. This makes the game both fun and challenging. You can fail several times in one level for sure. Let’s observe and lock your targets.

The game doesn't count time, so take your time and be well-prepared before shooting to get the best performance. The fate of your kingdom is in your hands. Fight hard and win over these evil invaders. Have fun and make sure you check out these recommended options: Hellcopter and Clash of Goblins.


Use your mouse to cast the spell.