Zombain .io GamePlay:

Zombain.io is fun and addicting multiplayer shooting io game bring you to the post-apocalyptic world filled with bloodthirsty zombies and ruleless people. At friv play Games, if you want to stay alive, you must defeat your enemies first. However, the zombie is not the only threat, people are even scarier. You must kill both zombies and other players to survive until the end of the match.

The last one standing is the winner in this epic shooting game. You start the game with the basic character, then as you process, more characters with higher level will be unlocked. To level up, in each match, you have to collect as many donuts, kill as many zombies and defeat as many players as possible.

Remember that you have limited health. You should always move to avoid being shot by other players and bitten by zombies. You can collect power-ups on the map such as machine gun, shotgun, health kit and so on. On http://friv.land, each match included 30 players. The match ends until there is only one player to survive, so this combat is epic and thrilling.

As you level up, you play on a different battlefield and meet the players who have the same level as you. It brings a fair and fresh gaming experience. You don’t have to deal with higher-level players. It’s all up to skill to win. Anyone in the match has a chance to become the winner. Shoot, level up and unlock new skins as well as battles in this amazing game. Challenge your skills and try your luck in other choices such as YoHoHo .io and Ballhit.io.

How to play: Left click to shoot.

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