Bump.io GamePlay:

It’s another multiplayer io online game. Those who love this game genre can be very excited. Yes, let’s conquer a new game and enjoy a new experience. Let’s introduce to all of you, Bump.io – a game related to vehicles but you won’t join a race or drive around the city or something like that. Here at friv free Games, you are equipped with everything needed to eliminate other players and become the winner. However, everyone else just like you.

So to win, you can not rely on the vehicle. What you should take advantage of here are your skills. Like other io games, you also get some advantages when you kill an enemy. You become bigger and it means you have a stronger force to push other players. Make sure you always move around the center of the arena. If you stand near the ring with spikes, you are easily be pushed by the opponent towards the sharp spikes.

Besides, you are better to look around and find out if someone is standing near the edge, if yes, take that chance to send this player to heaven or hell. On http://friv.land/, the bigger one has more advantages but that doesn't mean the smaller one can't kill the big one. There are cases where some little guys work together to eliminate the big guys. That’s so fun. Interestingly, when you get bumped many times, you get the energy to eliminate any enemies with one push. What other fun games can you play? Well, Trivia.io and DuckPark.io are the best options among tons of great choices on our site. Check it out!

Controls: Use your mouse to move around.

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