DuckPark.io GamePlay:

DuckPark.io is one of the best games for summer. If it isn’t, then what it is? This online multiplayer io game brings you to the bathroom and plays with rubber ducks. Yes, you will join a race of various rubber ducks at friv 2020. You should expect that it’s really fun and challenging. Your rubber duck won’t sit behind the wheel of a car but a race in a waterslide. You and the other 9 players will compete against each other for the title of the winner.

This competition doesn’t focus on fairness. You can do some tricks such as knock out any players off the slide or jump off the slide for shortcuts. Look for a shortcut is the best part of this game. You may want to do it several times because if you do well, you can change the tile of the competition. For example, if you are the tenth player, you will be able to become the race leader by selecting the shortcut.

However, you will also face some risks. On http://friv.land/, if you choose the wrong moment to jump off the slide, then you will fall down the floor or you can’t land safely. You can take advantage of some green speed-up pad in the slide to pass some competitors and choose the right moment to go for a shortcut. Shortcut means that you can be the winner or loser easily. Try to be in the top 3 to earn money.

With money, you can unlock new rubber ducks with the cooler look. Have a great bath time. You can not just play one or two times for sure. It will keep you hooked for a while. Some other games great for summer are CarWarz.io and Schedios.io.

Controls: Use your arrow keys to control your rubber duck.

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