Luminous Strike GamePlay:

Luminous Strike is an insanely challenging puzzle game where you will compete against an opponent. You can see how he or she plays on another side of the screen. Here at https://friv.land/, you can find some games that have the same gameplay to it but of course, they aren’t exactly the same.

This game is not only about matching the lanterns of the same color but also lighting them by using a flame that also has the same color. It means if you build a group of blue lanterns, you will have to use a blue flame to light up those lanterns. It sounds easy but no, it’s insanely challenging. When you light up the lanterns, they will disappear. The game ends when the game board is filled with lanterns without being ignited. Do you get it?

Let’s check out the rules of this friv Games to play game. Place and light the lantern on the board. Attack by igniting your lanterns with a flame. The more lanterns you ignite, the bigger the attack. But of course, the lanterns come in a variety of colors. Only a flame of the same color can ignite the lanterns. If you use this carefully, you can create combos. When the other player ignites the lanterns, you will be bombarded with sealed lanterns. Sealed lanterns can’t be ignited, but after enough moves, the seal breaks.

However, the rare rainbow flame ignites all lanterns of the provided color, even if they are sealed. Lanterns always come in pairs, but you can swap them with the next pair by pressing the Z key. It’s fun, right? Enjoy your spare time in other enjoyable games such as Butterfly Matching and Mushroom Match Master.

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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