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Another fast-paced 2D game has just been added to the collection in Friv land. It's Ninja .io free game! This game has some common features in a normal io game with a few special twists and challenges. There are multiple players who are playing at the same time on the same map.

Your task is to fight against the other players by shooting them down. First, you will choose which server you will join. Do you like Europe or North America server?

Next, choose from three game modes: Capture, Flag, Deathmatch. Each of them has its own tasks and missions, therefore, choose the mode which is suitable for you. For example, you need to murder each and every player crossing your way on Deathmatch mode. However, on the Flag mode, you will coordinate with the members of your team to get the opponent’s team flag and take it to your base to score a point. It's very challenging since you have to move on a big 2D map with many different terrains. This game at Friv provides the players with numerous special weapons like handguns, sniffles, grenades, snowballs.

Don't forget to use the health boxes to increase the power of the ninja as well. If you love this game, try out some other games like Souichiro Masterblade & The Last Ninja at http://friv.land/

Instructions: Use W, A, S, D to move, jump, crouch and roll, use the mouse to shoot, Right click to levitate and E to throw the weapons.

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