Adventure Hero GamePlay:

A hero doesn't always fight evil. The hero also needs some rest and pursue his passion, just like the little hero in Adventure Hero. Here at game friv online, our lovely hero is going to embark on a new adventure. He won’t chase the bad guys but collect his favorite fruit across the world. Do you want to join him? If yes, don’t hesitate anymore because he is about to start.

In this fun and exciting platformer game like as Super Ninja Adventure, your mission is to collect every single fruit in each level before you reach the golden cup and move to the next stage. Yes, you both have to collect fruit and the cup to go through from level 1 to level 15. However, if the game is simply about collecting something, it’s not fun. Therefore, the game tests you with tons of obstacles and enemies. You have to use your special skills to jump over these obstacles and climb the walls to collect fruit in higher places.

On friv adventure games, be ready because the gameplay seems to be simple but insanely challenging. You can manage to navigate through the stage sometime. It’s fine to fail. Finish a certain level with several times trying is also normal. You have to get familiar with that. You have 3 lives in each level and you can’t earn more life, so make sure you take action carefully and accurately as well.

Platformer games vary in gameplay and each choice brings you a different experience. To know which option suits you the best, the best way is to play. Then, enjoy this game and other choices such as Battboy AdventureClown Super Mario Adventures and Super Bino Jump Adventure Jungle Game.


Use arrow keys to control your hero.

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