Flying Wings Hovercraft GamePlay:

Flying Wings Hovercraft takes you to a futuristic city in which you will have a chance to challenge your hovercraft driving skills in 72 futuristic tracks filled with twists, turns, and obstacles on more than 25 cool hovercrafts. These hovercrafts have different max speeds and drive force. There are 4 game modes including Race, Stunt, Fall Down, and Free Drive. In the Race mode, you can unlock new hovercraft with the stars you get from the races. When the number of stars reaches a certain level, the vehicle auto-opens. You have to be in the top 3 to move to the next round.

In Stunt and Fall Down game mode, you will race against time instead of other racers like in the Race mode. Besides, you earn money based on the time you reach the finish line. If you reach the finish line in 40 seconds, you get 3 stars and $5,000. If you reach the finish line in less than 80 seconds, you get 2 stars and $1,500. If you reach the finish line in more than 80 seconds, you get 1 star and $500. The only difference between Stunt and Fall Down game modes is that the racing tracks in the Fall Down mode won’t be seamless.

You will go up and down non-stop just like you ride a rollercoaster. You should be ready for that. Your heart skips a beat. So, what about the last game mode called Free Drive? Well, like many racing games at friv unblocked that features a mode in which you can freely drive around, you will have 3 minutes to discover everything in the free-driving area in this game. Enjoy every moment here and make sure you check out other fun Frivland racing games such as Flight Sim and Airbus Flight Simulator.


WASD or arrow keys.

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