Yumy .io GamePlay:

Take the chance to try out a new and challenging io game which is inspired by Hole.io. It's Yumy.io free game from Friv land! Since the game is made based on Hole. io, the gameplay remains unchanged. You don't have to always play the role of a good guy. In this game, you will take control of a tiny little hole which can move through the city. The hole follows your guide and movement and it is capable of eating all kinds of objects within its range, from the smallest ones to the huge towers and buildings.

Like any other io games, it's all about exploring the map and carrying out the task at the same time. The more you absorb, the larger the hole will get. As you grow bigger in size, you can capture bigger objects and the smaller holes as well. The game comes with three different modes for you to enjoy. You can explore the vast map freely in the IO mode, compete in a deadly match in Deathmatch mode or test your ability with the challenges in Ego mode. A tip for the new players is that sometimes, you must adjust the position to let the tall objects fall perfectly into the hole and absorb them more easily.

There is also a feature in this game at http://friv.land/ that allows you to constantly check the zooming-out camera view as your size grows. This should help you monitor the map better. For more io games, let's try out the following games like Targ. io and Little Big Snake

Instructions: Drag the left mouse to move the hole.

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