Mini Shooters GamePlay:

Mini Shooters is an awesome top-down shooter game that you should not miss if you love action-packed shooter games. There are 30 levels in total in this amazing friv Games for free game. Each level brings you to a map and requires you to eliminate a specific number of enemies. These maps are full of weapons and stuff that can help you survive when enemies attack. You can pick up any weapon on the ground to deal with enemies.

As soon as you kill all enemies you need to kill without running out of HP, you move to the next level. Of course, enemies won’t stay still and wait for you to kill them. They will approach you and attack you hardly. You should cover yourself to avoid getting damaged. When you get shot, you lose some HP. However, you always can recover your HP by finding and collecting medkits. You not only can pick up weapons but also some other items such as medkits, shields, and so on.

Like other games at https://friv.land/, this one also offers in-game items for you to buy. You earn coins from killing enemies. When you have enough coins, you can change your default name, unlock new skins, and more. Although it is a 2D shooting game, it stills bring you the shooting experience that you find in some realistic shooting games and it’s worth playing.

The gameplay is easy and simple but sometimes you may lose. You will see a red arrow on the map. It shows that an enemy is coming close to you. Look at these arrows and you can spot enemies to kill them easier. Enjoy your day and here are some suggestions that you shouldn’t miss: Squid Fighter and The Squid Game.

Instructions: Mouse or arrow keys to move. Left-click to shoot.

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