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Blow your own trumpet while playing Chef Right Mix of Friv.land. Are you interested in cooking? Have you ever dreamed of being a cook? It is really wonderful if you make choices and take favorite ingredients. Fuel your creativity by making new dishes in Chef Right Mix game. You are a food creator at friv games unblocked.

Chef Right Mix free game is so funny and hilarious. You take a role of a male chef. He is big and has a strange beard. He is wearing chef white costume, a white hat, and a red scarf. He is holding a rattan basket. Guess what he is doing. He will cook something. There are three steps which are Add, Cook and Serve. He goes to the fresh store of the restaurant to choose the best ingredients on friv 2 unblocked games.

You see a shelf. There are vegetables, spices, and kinds of meat. Specifically, there is chili, lettuce, onion, cucumber, egg, garlic, tomato, bread, sandwich, salt, butter, cheese, sauce, beef, and so on. You click on some ingredient. The cook will take it. For example, you choose egg. He will grab egg. Then you click Add button to put egg in the basket. Continue picking 4 other ingredients. You have maximum 5 ingredients.

Next, press Cook button at friv 2 unblocked player games. The chef uses his skill to make a dish from ingredients you have chosen already. Serve that meal by click on Serve button. He will eat the meal he has cooked. He will evaluate if the dish is delicious or terrible and if your ingredients are suitable to make a good dish. His reactions when eating the dishes are very ridiculous. If the result is that your dish is a pile of crap, you fail to combine ingredients. They don’t mix and match. You know your score.

It very worried when you wait for the result. Play more cooking games namely Burger Now and Donuts Bakery at Cooking Games. Comment, assess and share games with a bestie. Have fun!


Use the mouse to play.

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