Donuts Bakery GamePlay:

You are absorbed in Donuts Bakery on Friv.land. You are a boss of a bakery. Your main product is the donut. It is a popular food in America. People love donuts. You will create delicious sweet cakes. Customers’ mouth is watering because of your donuts. Donuts Bakery game cheers players up in friv games.

Donuts Bakery free game is so splendid to play. You decide to open a donut bakery. You are both cook and seller. Every single day is busy. You are snowed under with work, but you love cooking. You go to the kitchen. There are plates, trays, donuts, and a trophy you were prized at friz.com games player. You will see a big plate on the table. Choose and put a donut on the plate.

There are eight donuts for you to make a choice. Donuts look like rings. They are so lovely. Donuts have different colors including orange, yellow, brown, green, pink, maroon, and white. Choose a kind of cream to pour on the donut. There is chocolate brown cream, white cream, purple cream, blue cream, green cream, and yellow cream. Each color refers to one flavor on friz.com games online.

Draw patterns on the donut. You use black chocolate or white chocolate. They are melted. You can draw circles, stripes or anything you like. Sprinkle toppings on the cake. Toppings are candy beans. They are tiny and have various colors. You can sprinkle the same beans or use many kinds of beans. You decorate the donut with cherries, 2 balls of ice cream, one slice of orange or strawberries. You will serve the donut with a bag of popcorn, a glass of cherry juice, orange juice, soft drink, or a cup of the milkshake.

Talk about this cooking game to companions and rate it highly. Play Burger Now and Pizza Realife Cooking of frivland cooking games.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

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