Choli Sky Jump GamePlay:

Gaming is a form of entertainment that many people love and you should know that visit our site and tons of games from different categories are available for free. You are sure to find some options you like. And stay tuned because more and more games will come in the future. At this moment, let’s check out one of the latest options at play frivcalled Choli Sky Jump. The name tells everything.

The main character is Choli and the activity he will do is jump. Do you want to join? Just like an exercise, Choli constantly jumps whenever he can. He wants to chase the rainbow so he needs to go as far as possible. By jumping on the platforms floating in the air that create an infinite stair, you can go higher as soon as you move from the current platform to the next platform successfully.

With a little bit of luck and attention, everything can be made. Your main goal here is to earn the highest score. Each platform costs 1 point. On http://friv.land/, obstacles will appear sooner or later. Moving platforms will show up so you have to jump at the right time. If you climb high, you will get more damage when falling. So make sure you take action accurately. Choli seems to touch the rainbow but the truth is not. The rainbow seems to move along with Choli. Is this fun? Remember that there are many options that you don’t want to miss here. Some of the best ones are Ninja War and Dashing Birds 

Controls: Use the left and right arrow to jump.

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