Clash Of Warriors GamePlay:

Clash Of Warriors is an enjoyable turn-based card strategy game that you should give a try. Your main target is to defeat your opponent by placing your cards on the battlefield wisely and strategically. It’s a turn-based battle. It means that you take a turn to place a card, then your opponent’s turn. On the 9-tile battlefield, you should place a suitable card on a perfect tile to make use of them and damage your opponent effectively. When the battlefield is filled, the player who gets 5 points first is the winner. Each card has its own power.

Some cards are used to attack. Some cards have the healing effect but spell cars affect both players. If you win, you will get some stars and then, you can claim rewards. You can earn coins by winning the battle and using coins to unlock new cards. You can even merge the same cards to upgrade them and make them more powerful. For players who play a turn-based card strategy game for the first time, it may be confusing at the beginning. You may confuse about the role of the cards and not know where is the ideal place to place the cards. However, you can learn from playing. The more you play, the more experience you have to make use of your cards to beat your opponent.

You will get better and better over time. Don't skip this game just because of failure many times. You will soon find the fun of the game. Good luck and make sure you explore more games on our site. A huge collection of games is waiting for you. Check it out. Here are some options for you Draw To Kill and Fun Memory Training.

How to play: Mouse.

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