Draw To Kill GamePlay:

Draw To Kill is a fun action-packed puzzle game in which you are an assassin who has amazing skills. Your main objective is to kill all enemies in each level. To kill them, you have to draw a line that goes through each enemy, so that you can kill them with only one slash. You have only one chance to draw. So, make sure you locate the positions of each enemy to draw a perfect path for your character to go and slash through all the enemies of that level. If you leave an enemy alive, it will be you who must die.

Some of the first levels are easy but in further levels, you will find it insanely challenging to cut through all targets. Why? Because you have to draw a line that avoids obstacles and traps. If that line goes through those obstacles, you will bump into them and you will be blocked and get shot. On some levels in Draw To Kill game, you should make use of bombs or gas tanks to make it blow up and destroy enemies. It means you don’t have to directly kill enemies. Sometimes, after you finish drawing a path, don’t release your hand.

Instead, you need to wait for the perfect moment to take action. A successful level rewards you with some coins and you can use coins to buy new skins and unlock new weapons for your characters. New weapons help you achieve goals faster and easier. Then, nothing can stop you from clearing the mission. Break a leg and have a great gaming time here. Check out other cool games on our site such as Water Flow Connect and Maze Hide Or Seek...

Controls: Mouse.

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