Clash of Goblins GamePlay:

Clash of Goblins is a fun tower defense game in which you won’t place tons of towers to protect the kingdom of humans but goblin kingdom. You and your enemy are two goblin tribes that have been in conflict for generations and it is still going on until now. Here at free Games friv, one cannot live if the other is not destroyed. Will you survive or die? It depends on you. You have to send your goblins to kill enemies and destroy their base before yours is destroyed.

You need a certain amount of mana to deploy each unit. The process bar above the cars that represent each unit is mana. It will run from 0 levels to the max level. This bar is divided into equal parts and when it runs to a certain point, it is equal to the mana of a card. You will click on that card to send it to the battle. Of course, each unit has different stats and you can upgrade their health, fire rate, structure damage, armor damage with the money you earn when you win.

On https://friv.land/, upgrading is essential and you should keep upgrading each unit to enhance their strength. Your base has limited health and when it gets attacked, its health bar will drop and when it drops to zero, you lose. Make sure you protect it all costs with several units. Select the right units at the appropriate time is the key to win.

After each match, you can start the next one and keep playing until you don’t want to play anymore. At that time, you can play other games such as Heist Run and Hellcopter.

How to play:

Click on each card to deploy it.

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