Clash Of Blocks GamePlay:

Do you usually think that winning a battle is something only in shooting or strategy games? Clash Of Blocks will change your mind as it brings you to war without weapons but it’s still fierce and highly competitive. This is a puzzle game that challenges your wit and brain. At friv 2020 games free, you also need to take action quickly and observe to take more advantage compared to your opponent. So what is it about?

The orange block represents your opponent and it appears in a fix position in the game board while the green one is you and your mission is to place your block in the right spot to occupy more lands. Once the block is placed, it rolls and turns the white tiles into the color of yours and your opponent. After that, the game will count to find out who has more land. If you lose, you have to play that level once again on http://friv.land/

There is a total of 100 levels. In the beginning, you may find it too easy to win. However, it’s just the start-up stage. The real challenges are waiting for you ahead. More obstacles will appear and it will be more challenging to complete the mission. If you love to play the game that is simple but full of surprising things and requires you to think and use your brain to solve the problem, then this is a great choice for you. Besides, you can enjoy other options as amazing as this one such as Speed Traffic and Barber Shop! 

Instructions: Click to place your block.

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