Clash Of Tanks GamePlay:

It’s time for the most epic battle at friv Games. What are you looking for in a thrilling war game? Clash Of Tanks includes everything you need. Enter the battle arena, use your tanks and destroy your opponent to become the winner. You compete against the real player, so it’s not easy to win the battle. You need to destroy as many tanks as you can to earn money.

And use this money to upgrade your tanks which increase health, structure damage and armor damage. The player has more powerful tanks has more advantage in the battle. Plan and deploy the best strategy to outwit your enemy. You can change the tide of the battle if you have a great plan. Which tanks to choose, which positions to start and so on. On http://friv.land/, strategy plays an important role in winning.

Don’t give up if you lose some matches. You can upgrade your tanks and win next time. Make sure you use the money to upgrade the ideal tank to bring the best battle result. Each tank has its own stats of health, structure damage, and armor damage. Non-stop upgrade to build a strong army.

If your enemy’s tanks come to your land and destroy your main headquarter, you lose. Defend it and attack hard. Put a cool name on the name book and click on start battle right away to experience the best battle among tanks ever. Good luck! Feel adrenaline rush in your veins with other awesome choices such as Animal Rescue 3d and Eg Zuma Blast.

How to play: Drag your tanks to the battle by using your mouse,

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